The Quantum Leap
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This is a reference file that is meant to answer those questions most frequently asked about the US television program, Quantum Leap. It also attempts to catalog the information viewers have been able to glean from individual stories and other, official and non-official sources. Permission is granted to distribute this file UNMODIFIED to other networks and BBSs. Rights to modifications to this file is reserved by the updater(s).

Note: you may freely copy and distribute this guide for personal use provided that it be distributed in its entirety, with all original author and copyright information intact. Any sales of this document or use of it in a for-profit project are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the authors.

Credit: I have attempted to give proper credit to those contributing to text in this FAQL. Initially, I did not want to credit my own text, but then discovered there was no other feasible way to distinguish the new text from the original and to give proper credit to past FAQL keepers. All uncredited text belongs to these past keepers. Minor revisions to original text also remain uncredited for practicality's sake.

Credits are given in [square brackets] following individual paragraphs, since often there was more than one contributor to a question.


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