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Welcome to the Al's Place II planned site for Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward!

This site is under construction as more information trickles in about the proposed Quantum Leap telefilm. If you find any bugs or broken links, please let us know!

This site will eventually house all the information about the next generation of Quantum Leap from videos to Cast & Crew bios to pictures and sound clips!

Visit our message board and chat room where you can post your ideas & thoughts, as well as converse with fellow leapers around the world!

If you can't find all the information you are looking for here, do a search from the top of this page, check out the Bold Links page, or browse the Site Map.

Welcome to Al's Place II...
where the leap continues!

Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward 2003-2006, Belisarius Productions in association with  Universal Studios

Al's Place Quantum Leap Fan Site
2000-2006 by Brian Greene in association with



Cast & Crew Biographies and info on all cast & crew members involved with "A Bold Leap Forward."


E-mail, mailing list, & donation information.

Episode Guide

Complete episode guide.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.
Imaging Chamber Photos & screenshots from the television series.
Bold Links Links to sites involving A Bold Leap Forward.
Media & More Miscellaneous pages.
Merchandise Links and photos of QL merchandise available to buy.
News Latest news on the Quantum Leap telefilm & anything else related to the program.
Online Messageboard Currently the most active Quantum Leap messageboard available. Membership is free. Fully moderated and clean atmosphere. Join in today!
Showtimes &
TV Schedule
Don't miss out on watching your favorite TV show! Here is the latest television schedule for Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward.
Site Updates The latest updates to this fan site. Join the mailing list for email updates.
Sounds Sound clips to bring The Bold Leap back for your hearing enjoyment.
Video Library Commercials, Interviews, & more. (Winzip download utility required.)
More to Come!


Read the COMPLETE Trey Callaway interview here
for secrets of "A Bold Leap Forward!"

[ Reprinted with permission by Sharon Majors  &  Jo Fox ]


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