"8-1/2 Months"

Something tells me we're in big trouble here - BIG.
-- Al (to himself), "8 1/2 Months"

I don't have the flu!
Yeah, and you're not pregnant either.
-- Sam and Al, "8 1/2 Months"

I tried to sleep last night, drinking water and making 900 trips to the bathroom.
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

Being pregnant isn't a reason to get married.
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

You know the expression "God works in mysterious ways"? ... Well I think this is one of them.
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

Al, I felt the baby kick!
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

Al, read MY lips ... I'm pregnant.
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

I can't have this baby.
Honey, I think you're a bit too far along to stop now.
-- Sam and Dottie, "8 1/2 Months"

Where the hell have you been!
In the waiting room with Billie Jean, the poor thing is terrified, she thinks she's having the baby in an alien space ship.
-- Sam and Al, "8 1/2 Months"

I'm having this baby!
No you're not Sam.
Honey, they can tell that.
-- Sam, Al and Dottie, "8 1/2 Months"

There is no way this baby is going to be coming right now, trust me on that.
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

I can't have a baby!
-- Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

You know, little lady, having a baby is about as simple as it gets.  Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, and even if you may not know what to do about it, your body does.
I don't think so.
You'd be surprised.
So would you.
-- Dr. Rogers and Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

It's gonna be very big in the 80's.
Well, I don't know where "A.D.'s" is...
-- Sam and Leola, about her pink, punk hair, "8 1/2 Months"

Why don't you let me drive? [CONTRACTION HITS!]
Because you're busy!
-- Sam and Dottie, "8 1/2 Months"

Sam, this is all happening in your imagination.
Go to Hell!!
-- Al and Sam, "8 1/2 Months"

Oh boy.
Know what, I think so too.
-- Sam and Dottie after the baby kicked, "8 1/2 Months"

Jello and onions!
-- Al, about Sam's choice of snack food, "8 1/2 Months"

She think's she's having her baby in an alien spaceship.
--Al, "8 1/2 Months"

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