Sixteen?  You think I waited until I was sixteen?
-- Al to Sam, "All-Americans"

Try your teeth next time, it's really macho.
-- Chuey (instructing Sam on opening a Coke bottle), "All-Americans"

Sixteen?  You're kidding, you're not kidding! Sixteen?
-- Al, "All-Americans"

They're that close?
Yup, just like me and you.
-- Sam and Al, "All-Americans"

They could have killed me!
They still might.
-- Sam and Al, "All-Americans"

That pass was like a $10 hooker, it wasn't pretty, but it got the job done.
-- Al, "All-Americans"

How come you aren't out there acting my age?
Your age?
Yeah, 16, I'll always be 16 in my heart.
-- Al and Sam, "All-Americans"

I don't think I heard you, punk!
I'll write it down if you can read.
-- Rueben and Sam, "All-Americans"

You think I waited until I was sixteen to lose my virginity?
Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.
-- Al and Sam, "All-Americans"

Sam, you gotta stop thinking with your heart and start thinking with your noggin.
-- Al, “All-Americans”

~Sam: Say something to me in Spanish.
Al: Uh, tu casa o mi casa.
Sam: My place or yours-- Al! "All-Americans"

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