"Animal Frat"

Spoken like a true martyr.
-- Al, "Animal Frat"

Deceptively smart people need to be watched.
-- Doug, "Animal Frat"

You're a triple A, superduper, overachiever type personality.  Unless you're reinventing the wheel every 33 seconds you're not happy.
-- Al, "Animal Frat"

Maybe I could just jump off a cliff instead.
That would mean you were smart enough to find one.
-- Sam and "Duck", "Animal Frat"

No one has fun all the time. Not even me.
Well, *there's* a news flash.
-- Al and Sam, "Animal Frat"

Sam, if ya want to leap, ya gotta . . . leap!
-- Al, "Animal Frat"

I'm trapped in the body of a Troglodyte!
-- Sam, "Animal Frat"

Wait, don't tell me, I'm a PE major with a minor in .. underwater hotel management!
No, you're a physicist with a shot at the Nobel prize ... only kidding!
-- Sam and Al, "Animal Frat"

What, are you afraid of what Abbie Hoffman will say if you go to a party?
Who's Abbie Hoffman?
-- Sam and Elisabeth, "Animal Frat"

Did I do this sort of thing in college?
You were 16 when you went to college . . . you were a meganerd.
-- Sam and Al, "Animal Frat"

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