"Black and White On Fire"

How are we going to get in? Only Dr. Michaels has a key.
The one thing we don't need in Watts right now is a key.
-- Susan and Papa D. about a local medical clinic, "Black on White on Fire"

Raising your children is going to be hard no matter where you do it.
Because wherever you go, they won't fit in. They won't be black and they won't be white.
They'll be human.
Of course they'll be human, child, I'm talking about race.
I know, but maybe if we teach our kids to say that they're human instead of black or white or red or yellow, maybe race won't matter.
-- Mama Harper, Susan and Sam, "Black and White on Fire"

Sam, you did it.
Is it enough, Al, is it enough?
-- Al and Sam, "Black On White On Fire"

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