"The Boogiem*n"




Unbelievable, I've leaped into the Addams family.
-- Sam, "The b**gieman"

Them that dance with the devil are bound to get scorched.
-- Tulley, "The b**gieman"

What's time to old Scratch?  Yesterday's tomorrow for him.
-- Tulley, "The b**gieman"

Sam, I don't like things that fly around without wings.
-- 'Al', "The b**gieman"

Why are you doing this?
To put an end to your meddling.  Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong?
I'm just trying to get home.
Well you're not going to make it!
-- Sam and the devil, "The b**gieman"

Hey, Mr. Ray, I got this idea for my book!
-- Stevie, "The b**gieman"

Sam, uh, Ziggy says that there's definitely something there.
That's more than I can say for you.
-- Al and 'Al', "The b**gieman"

Who are you?
Ying and Yang, Good and Evil, God ...
The Devil.
In the flesh, so to speak.
-- Mary, 'Al' and Sam, "The b**gieman"

Nobody else could have done it!
Maybe the b**gieman.
-- Sam & 'Al', "The b**gieman"

Cross my heart and hope to.... limbo.
-- Sam, "The b**gieman"

Hi, Cujo!
-- Stevie, "b**gieman"

Them that dance with the devil are bound to get scorched.
-- Al, "The b**gieman"

When I was growing up Halloween was always one of my favourite holidays. 'Trick or treat' we used to say, course back then we always expected a treat and if we did play a trick it was always funny and harmless.  But tonight there were no treats, there were no tricks, there was only death.
-- Sam, "The b**gieman"

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