"Camikazi Kid"

First time my sister got married, she was 17.  I guess she wanted to get away from the farm.  He drank a lot and when he got drunk ...she was too afraid to leave and too ashamed to tell anyone.
-- Sam, "Camikazi Kid"

Look what I picked up this morning.
The girl or the car?
-- Al and Sam, "Camikazi Kid"

Ohh, Tina would look good without that on.
-- Al (spying on a bridal shower), "Camikazi Kid"

What else are you here for?
Nothing.  I thought lingerie was enough.
-- Sam and Al, "Camikazi Kid"

When you're finished, I'll be back with your dessert.
Just put a cherry on top of your head.
-- Rollerskating waitress and Al, "Camikazi Kid"

Sam, you missed all the fun, check out that black number in the Frederick's of Hollywood box.
-- Al, "Camikazi Kid"

What are you doing here?
I'm confirming that Ziggy's data retrieval circuits are fully functional.
Well you see, he predicted that Cheryl's lingerie party would start precisely at 2:07 PDT. He was 8 seconds off.
-- Sam and Al, "Camikazi Kid"

Al, you didn't stand in here and watch Cheryl trying all this stuff on?
Well, ah, you know, if you're gonna publish, you've got to have data.
What are you going to publish, a lingerie catalog?
That's a good idea Sam, I could do some inside research, if you get my drift.
-- Sam and Al, "Camikazi Kid"

Oh man, that looks good.
Want a bite?  Oh, sorry, you're a hologram.
-- Al and Sam (eating a hamburger), "Camikazi Kid"  

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