"The Color of Truth"

You're getting a little paranoid.
How do you think I've lived this long?
-- Sam and Al, "The Color of Truth"

Once you've seen the light you can not go back into the darkness.
-- Sam, "The Color of Truth"

I swear you got ears like a hawk.
I'm old, not dead.
-- Miss Melanie and (son) John, "The Color of Truth"

Now, what am I forgetting? ...
How sick this is making me!
-- Al and Sam (cooking chitlins), "The Color of Truth"

Ms. Melanie will be squished by a choo-choo.
-- Al, "The Color of Truth"

Is sex all you ever think about?
Well, except when I'm pulling you outta the fire, yes!
Well ya got me there Al.
-- Sam and Al, "The Color of Truth"

~Al: Just think of the possibilities. I mean, if I reached Miss Melanie, then maybe, just maybe, I could reach other women... younger women... "The Color of Truth"

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