"Disco Inferno"

Sam, wake up and smell the seventies, you're looking at genuine 100% high grade virgin polyester - the only thing that got me more women was my spacesuit.
-- Al, "Disco Inferno"

There are moments when I leap back in time that remind me of the evening of my senior prom.  Some of the songs are soft and slow, and there's always a guy who didn't bring a date and wants to dance with your girl.  Guys who don't take "no" for an answer.  And just when everything quiets down and you find a song that you want to dance to forever, somebody suddenly changes the music on you.
-- Sam, leap in from "Honeymoon Express" to "Disco Inferno"

Sam, it's Ben Cartwright!  Ben Cartwright is trying to save you!
-- Al, "Disco Inferno"

This is worse than anything imaginable.
-- Sam, "Disco Inferno"

The 'Me' decade, where everybody had the morality of two dogs in the park.
-- Sam, "Disco Inferno"

You owned a man-bag?
Yea, my pants were always too tight to carry a wallet.
-- Sam and Al, "Disco Inferno"

He's spitting out everything in Japanese. That's what you get for feeding him foreign microchips.
-- Al about Ziggy, "Disco Inferno"

Oh look at these old 8-track tapes!
You just bought those!
Well, they get old pretty fast.
-- Sam and Chris, "Disco Inferno"

Disco? . . . I'd rather be dead!
-- Sam, "Disco Inferno"

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