"Double Identity"

If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.
-- Theresa, "Double Identity"

Oh boy, I'm supposed to speak Italian.
-- Sam, "Double Identity"

Maybe I'm here to start the unisex revolution.
-- Sam, "Double Identity"

You'd trust your leap to them?
I trust you and Ziggy ...
-- Al and Sam, "Double Identity"

Did you hear that?
That was my zipper.
-- Sam and Theresa, "Double Identity"

(Oh God he's speaking Italian. What would Frankie say? Frankie would say something in Italian.) Volare.
Uh..Sam, you just told him to fly away.
-- Sam and Al, "Double Identity"

Yeah, you know, make a noise with your voice.
-- Sam and Al, "Double Identity"

Trouble is, as soon as I put you two together, I'm outta here and the old Gino is back, and you end up like Jimmy Hoffa.
Running the teamsters?
-- Sam and Frankie, "Double Identity"

Ah-ha, so that's what you're supposed to look like in a tux.
-- Sam, "Double Identity"

Hitting Buffalo, I understand. A hair dryer in Buffalo, non capisco.
If Frankie says we do it, we do it.
If Frankie says you jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump?
No, that would be stupid.
-- Primo and Segundo reacting to Sam's request to go to Buffalo and plug in a hair dryer, as per Ziggy's instructions, "Double Identity"

A & P has a fraternity?
That's Alpha Rho, you idiot, Primo, it's Greek!
No kiddin'! I didn't know A & P Supermarkets were Greek!
-- Primo and Segundo, "Double Identity"

I'm 10, in the fourth grade. Marsha Greene sits in front of me.
And you used to dip her pigtails into the inkwells.
We didn't have inkwells.
Oh, we did. I used to dip Hanna Gretz's pigtails- until I discovered that it was a lot more fun to take Hanna into the cloakroom.
In the fourth grade?
I was socially advanced.
-- Sam and Al, "Double Identity"

As Al would say, timing is everything.  What did she call me?  Terrific ... no dummy, Frankie was terrific.
-- Sam, "Double Identity"

Whoever heard of one lousy hairdryer blacking out all of the East coast.
-- Al, "Double Identity"

At 22:15 Greenwich Mean Time, you must plug in a thousand-watt hairdryer in a house located at 111 Erie Drive, Buffalo, New York.
(incredulous) What?
--Al and Sam, "Double Identity"

~Sam: What if I'm supposed to use this [gun]?
Al: Make sure you take the safety off. "Double Identity"

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