"Dr. Ruth"

Helping people is what I do for a living.
-- Sam, "Dr. Ruth"

Kneepads?  Kinky.
-- Al, "Dr. Ruth"

Just sit here and you talk about sex!  Sam, look at it as a learning experience.
-- Al, "Dr. Ruth"

Al, you can't leave, you're an expert on this stuff, you've got to stay here and help me answer these questions!
-- Sam, "Dr. Ruth"

You know the question about the shoe size?  Just call me Bigfoot.
-- Al, "Dr. Ruth"

Why do you think that you were married five times?
I like variety.
-- Dr. Ruth and Al, "Dr. Ruth"

Helping people's what I do for a living.
-- Sam, "Dr. Ruth"

It may have four letters, but love is not a dirty word.
-- Dr. Ruth to Al, "Dr. Ruth"

They're asking some very embarrassing questions.
-- Sam, "Dr. Ruth"

~Dr. Ruth: Tell me Al, how is your sex life with Tina?
Al: Well that’s a very personal question.
Dr. Ruth: Not for a very open person like you. "Dr. Ruth"

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