There's only one thing you have to learn - that freedom is the greatest
gift we are born with, and the hardest thing to hold on to.
-- Joseph, "Freedom"

Where did you learn that, Togo?
Oh, Marcus Welby.
-- Joseph and Sam, about the jerry-rigged respirator oxygen tank, "Freedom"

Have you ever leaped and not at least survived?
-- Joseph, "Freedom"

I'm an Indian!
Could be worse, you could be a white man.
-- Sam and Joseph, "Freedom"

Redskins, best damn team in America.
-- Joseph, "Freedom"

I turned him into a raven and he flew out the window.
Why didn't you go with him?
I can only turn into a wolf.  I'd be too big to fit through the bars.
-- Joseph and the Sheriff, "Freedom"

I love it when they beat the Cowboys.
-- Radio announcer and Joseph, "Freedom"

You're part of a Shoshone war party.
I don't want to be on the warpath!
-- Al and Sam, "Freedom"

I thought we just borrowed them ...
The horses don't know that.
-- Sam and Joseph, "Freedom"

Hey, you shoot like a white man!
-- Joseph (to the sheriff), "Freedom"

Sam, this is great, we're getting to watch a bit of authentic American history.
-- Al, "Freedom"

All of life is a series of leaps, for us grasshoppers.
-- Joseph, "Freedom"

George, are you going to scalp him?
Oh ... too bad.
-- Joseph and Sam, "Freedom"

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