"Future Boy"

I'm dressed like a giant TV dinner, talking to a hologram!  Now what does that make me?
-- Sam and Al, "Future Boy"

Let's say it's Friday at 8 o'clock, and you want to go back to Wednesday at 10, because you missed your favorite television program...
-- Moe, describing the timonometer, "Future Boy"

Before we sign off, we have time for one last letter ...  Today's letter is from little Sam Beckett of Elk Ridge, Indiana, Sam writes: "Dear Captain Galaxy, could you please explain your theory of time travel to us ...
--  Captain Galaxy, "Future Boy"

According to my gyrograph, we are aboard a futuristic cruise ship in the year *1987*!
-- Captain Galaxy, "Future Boy"

How come you can never find a time machine around when you need one?
-- Moe, "Future Boy"

Don't tell me, let me guess -- you've been invited to a costume party and you're going as a baked potato.
-- Al, "Future Boy"

Boy, if only the guys at MIT could see you now.
-- Al to Sam, who is dressed as a scouring pad, "Future Boy"

Look, time is like a piece of string.  One end of the string is birth, the other is death.  You put them together, and life is a loop.
Sam, that's your theory!
If I can travel fast enough along the loop, I will eventually end up back at the beginning of my life.
He's almost got it!
-- Moe and Al, "Future Boy"

Let's say we examined each others' briefs and decided to call it even.
-- Al, "Future Boy"

Looks like Ziggy had a sloppy floppy on this one.
-- Al, "Future Boy"

Moe...Moe...Moe...Larry?...Curly?  nyuk nyuk nyuk.
-- Sam, "Future Boy"

Activate the time machine.  Stand by the time accelerator.
-- Captain Galaxy, "Future Boy"

Shakespeare wrote dialog, Ben Harris writes television.
-- Moe, "Future Boy"

Don't be ridiculous, kids love violence.
-- Ben Harris, TV writer, "Future Boy"

I should have stayed in radio.
-- Ben Harris, watching Mr. Scrubbo, "Future Boy"

Quantum leap?
Quantum leap ... I like that, I like that a lot.
-- Sam and Moe, "Future Boy"

Boy, if only the guys at MIT could see you now.
-- Al (to Sam dressed up as Mr Scrubbo), "Future Boy"

Your honor, Moe Stein is a dreamer.  Are we going to punish people for that?  Because if we are, we're gonna' need a much bigger room than this.
-- Sam, "Future Boy"

Sam, hurry up before he turns himself into a french fry!
-- Al, "Future Boy"

It's a chicken... an upside down chicken.
-- Sam, "Future Boy"

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