"Ghost Ship"

Excuse ME!
-- Al, after Cooper sits on him in the pilot's seat, "Ghost Ship"

You're disappearing!
*I'm* not disappearing... but *you* are...
-- Sam and Al, "Ghost Ship"

Sam, he wants you to fly the plane.
No, the gremlin behind us.
-- Al, Sam and Cooper, while Al is standing behind them, "Ghost Ship"

Just what I need ... a life-time job flying in the Bermuda Triangle.
-- Sam, "Ghost Ship"

I don't drive these things.
-- Sam, about airplanes, "Ghost Ship"

There's theories that say it's either electromagnetic vortices or else ...
... Sea monsters, you're right, I remember...
Yeah!  Giant prehistoric lizard-fish have been seen by sailors, what's so funny?  what are you laughing about?
I'm just joking!
-- Al and Sam, "Ghost Ship"

Must be that UFO that's been circling us.
UFO?  Where?!  I don't see it!  Oh, boy!  The triangle swallowed it up!  (Looks around for Sam, who's right behind him.)
Oh, no!  Where's Sam?!
YAAHHHHH!!!  Don't DO that to me!  You're going to give me a heart attack!
-- Sam and Al, "Ghost Ship"

I'm gonna have a baby.
No Sam, you're not gonna have a baby, your wife, CAROL, is going to have a baby ... and your left wing is drooping.
--  Sam and Al, while Sam is flying the plane, "Ghost Ship"

~Sam is left alone to fly the plane. Al helps him out with flying. He tells Sam to turn a certain knob. He does so and gets very excited and proud. Sam *confident*: I can fly. Al: You an dial. "Ghost Ship"

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