"Good-bye, Norma Jean"

I'm gonna do a lot of observing on this leap.
-- Al, "Goodbye, Norma Jean"

I hate towels.
-- Al, "Goodbye, Norma Jean"

Your life can be so wonderful, if you let it.  You've got to hang on to it with everything you've got.
-- Sam, "Goodbye, Norma Jean"

Al, what am I doing here?
Who cares,...
-- Sam and Al, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

Haven't you ever had an idol?
Albert Einstein.
-- Barbara and Sam, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

We're in the wrong-righting business.
-- Al, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

It's like looking at Helen of Troy or Botticelli's Venus... naked!
-- Al, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

Then come on in.
-- Marilyn, Al and Sam, when she asks Sam to join her in the pool, skinny dipping, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

Double your pleasure, double your fun.
-- Al, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

I hate towels.
-- Al, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

What ever made you decide to study acting?
Watching my own movies.
-- Sam and Marilyn, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

As a critic he's a wonderful chauffeur.
-- Marilyn, about "Dennis", "Goodbye Norma Jean"

You're a stronger man than I am.
-- Al to Sam, "Goodbye Norma Jean"

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