"Good Morning, Peoria"

Oh my God, I'm a DJ!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Helping people is like music to my ears.
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

FLASH! President Eisenhower in a surprise move resigned from office this morning in order to join a Buddist monastery. Said Ike 'I just like being around guys with less hair than me.'
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

I think that last leap in time has added more holes to that swiss cheese memory of yours.
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

I have three words for you ...
Chick you're fired.
Your record's ending.
-- Rachel and Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

I was captured by spacemen and taken to some time in the future where I was forced to eat Chinese food for two weeks - and I'm still hungry!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Gooooooood Morning, Peoria!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Sometimes weird things just happen ...
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

I just made a complete idiot out of myself.
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Hey, look Sam, I'm gonna leap!
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

The invisible man has dropped by to say a few words...  What's your favorite thing about being invisible? The women's dressing room at Landon's Department Store. What's the worst thing about being invisible?  Trying to find my mouth with my cigar.  And that's nothing compared to when you get the invisible girl in the back seat of the car.
-- Sam with some prompting from Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

We were dancing...
I'd call it rampaging hormones.
-- Sam and Rachel, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Maybe you should put on a long playing record ...
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Well, if we're gonna go down in flames, I'll help you pick out the records.
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Doorknobs are usually placed a little lower, aren't they?
-- Rachel, "Good Morning, Peoria"

They told me you never took anything seriously.
I take a lot of things seriously.
Name two.
Quantum physics and time travel.
-- Rachel and Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Oh, and Chick..
..If you're late again tomorrow, you're fired.
(Sounds like love to me.)
--Rachel, Sam, and Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

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