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"The Great Spontini"

Uh oh, Sam, I think I killed it.
-- Al after pounding on the handlink, "The Great Spontini"

Deny everything.
-- Al to Sam, "The Great Spontini"

You were incredible that weekend, Harry, I've never been able to look at a balcony the same way since.
-- Maggie, "The Great Spontini"

Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Great Spontini!
Oh boy.
-- Jamie and Sam, "The Great Spontini"

Take pity on me, Sam.  I haven't been myself lately.  Tina's been away for a couple of weeks visiting her mother and...  I do have my _needs_, you know!
God forbid you should have two weeks down time.
-- Al and Sam, "The Great Spontini"

Sam, did I ever tell you that when I was in the orphanage they used to call me "Al the Pick"?
-- Al, "The Great Spontini"

Looks like you're out of a job, butthead.
My sentiments exactly, butthead.
-- Jamie and Al to Steve the sleazy lawyer, "The Great Spontini"

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