"Her Charm"

You don't talk to yourself, you talk to an imaginary playmate!
-- Dana, "Her Charm"

How long have you been there?
Long enough to see your last pass fall short of the goal line.
-- Sam and Al, "Her Charm"

It works!  Our string theory, it works!  Don't you recognize me?  I'm Sam Be....
-- Sam to Professor LoNigro, "Her Charm"

Peter, you're not that cute.  Didn't anyone ever tell you that men aren't supposed to be that vain?!
Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to be rude and pushy!
-- Dana and Sam, "Her Charm"

You brought me all the way up here to get killed without any lights!?
<click> See. Light- to shoot you by.
-- Dana and Sam, "Her Charm"

(My first impression is- I'm not here for a date.)
Oh no, *not* you!
(Definitely *not* a date.)
-- Sam (to himself) and Dana, "Her Charm"

Oh I get it, you talk to yourself but you won't talk to me!
I really hate that. My ex-husband used to do that...
I'll talk to you.
(I will too.)
-- Dana, Sam, and Al, "Her Charm"

I want to love someone so much that the thought of living without him would be too much to bear.  I want to breathe him.  I want the scent of him to make me smile.  I want to look into his eyes and know that I'm alive.
-- Dana, "Her Charm"

You know that feeling when someone scrapes their fingernails on a chalkboard?! You know that feeling?!
Are you trying to say I make your skin crawl?!
-- Sam and Dana, "Her Charm"

Peter Langley is one of the finest agents in the [FBI] department.
Huh, boy are you guys in trouble.
-- Richardson and Dana, "Her Charm"

You start the fire, I'll go find something to eat... probably have to kill a bear or something.
With any luck the bear will kill her.
-- Dana and Sam, "Her Charm"

If you're going to sneak up on me, at least have the decency to reflect in the mirror!
-- Sam, "Her Charm"

Hey, she's beautiful.  How come you didn't tell me she was beautiful?!
-- Al, "Her Charm"

You look like you've been in a fight with a wild cat.
-- Al, "Her Charm"

From that little furrow between your eyebrows I take it we're lost?
-- Dana, "Her Charm"

Old women get old because they're smart.
-- Nick's Brother, "Her Charm"

If you keep that up, people who don't know you will think you're looney-tunes.
-- Dana, "Her Charm"

See, light to shoot you by.
-- Sam, "Her Charm"

~Al: I can honestly say that I have never had a girl try to shoot me for making a pass. "Her Charm"

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