Arch, put your clothes on and get outta the back seat!
-- Sheriff to Deputy Sam, "Hurricane"

You should see a doctor about that cough.
What cough?
-- Sam and Al, "Hurricane"

Don't worry, he's the original boy scout.
-- Al about Sam, "Hurricane"

That shoots that theory to hell.
-- Al, "Hurricane"

I don't believe you did that, my knight in shining khaki.
Chargin' to the rescue.
-- Cissy and Sam, "Hurricane"

Man, you strange.  Depending on which eye you use, you look different.  Brown hair, black hair, brown hair, black hair...  Makes you seem like two different people.
-- Very drunk hurricane party host, "Hurricane"

Most of your life nothing ever happens.  Now we're living on the edge.
God. Can't you feel it?  The power, the possibilities. . .
-- Cissy and Sam, "Hurricane"

I just feel more alive.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Right wrongs, travel through time, grow ten feet tall and run forever.
-- Cissy and Sam, "Hurricane"

I just had a fight with Tina.  I could never figure out when life is so short how we always find time to argue.  You'd think we would look at the good things around us.
Carpe diem.
Seize the day.
And that's the way it should be.
But we don't seem to remember these things.
-- Al and Sam, "Hurricane"

Cissy gets killed by Camille.
Who's Camille?
Not who, it's a what... Camille is a hurricane.
-- Sam and Al, "Hurricane"

That's the shingles.  The wind must be flickin' 'em off the roof like potato chips.
-- Al, "Hurricane"

If you could make the earth spin the other way, you could unwind a hurricane.
-- Old Man, "Hurricane"

Nice? I'll bet it was nice!
-- Cissy and Al, about Sam's kiss, "Hurricane"

Next to Bofus, you're the male I love most.
How do you feel about holograms?
-- Cissy (to Sam) and Al, "Hurricane"

It's never too late.  Not if you want something bad enough.
-- Sam, "Hurricane"

Psychologist, seismologist.  She's not even going to *have* a future if you don't figure out what's going to happen to her.
-- Al, "Hurricane"

You know what the three worst words in the English language are?  "Lets be friends."
-- Bob, "Hurricane"

I think you're gonna get a reward.
-- Al, "Hurricane"

Strangely enough the thought of being in a hurricane was somehow comforting and familiar. I guess that's because every time I leap, I feel that strange, unseen forces hurl me where ever they want to and there is nothing I can do to stop them, so that for me, life, like storms, is unpredictable.
-- Sam, "Hurricane"

I gotta get her to go back and do it earlier.
Oh my, if we get up any earlier to do it, we might as well not go to sleep, which might not be such a bad idea after all.
-- Sam (talking to Al) and Cissy (misinterpreting), "Hurricane"

You're one mean son of a bitch.
Yeah, well I just saved your lives so get the hell out of here.
-- drunk party host and Sam, "Hurricane"

Can you believe them?  They got married after only 2 weeks?  Do you marry someone after a couple of weeks?
If it was the right someone I'd marry them after a couple of hours.
-- Cissy and Sam, "Hurricane"

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