Good looking guys like us, we make women nervous.
-- Frank, "Jimmy"

Some people believe in Fate, that nothing we do, for better or for worse, can change the course of our lives - but after leaping about in time I've seen that just the opposite is true, sometimes you can right things that went wrong, and miracles can happen.
-- Sam, "Jimmy"

Man- you die cool!
-- Corey, "Jimmy"

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away ...
-- Sam, "Jimmy"

Don't die or you'll never see 'Star Wars'!
-- Sam, "Jimmy"

We've been having some difficulty with Ziggy, he's going through mood swings.  I think we need to get a girl computer and put it right next to him, one with a nice set of hard disks ...
You would.
-- Al and Sam, "Jimmy"

How do I act retarded?
Just act natural.
--Sam and Al, "Jimmy"

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