"Killin' Time"

Time and space can be a bitch.
-- Gooshie, "Killin' Time"

Is that guy from another planet, or what?
Mostly 'or what.'
-- the hooker and Al, about the leapee, "Killin' Time"

Who's going after him?
I am.
You! . . . would have been my first choice.
-- Gooshie and Al, "Killin' Time"

It's like nothing makes any sense any more.
Welcome to my world.
-- Carol and Sam, "Killin' Time"

Couple of nights in bed with a hot nurse and I'll be fine.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

Let's not do anything that I'm going to regret later.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

I gotta break the news to Sam, hope he's in a good mood.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

That's Carol Priutt and her daughter Becky.
Oh, it's so nice to be on a first name basis with my hostages.
-- Sam, "Killin' Time"

For five years I've been watching Sam Beckett risk his life for total strangers, think about it.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

The right lane is for electromagnetic vehicles only.
-- city streets, "Killin' Time"

It's a bullet proof vest, and never track a psychotic killer without one.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

I could take care of you.
It's tempting, but...
-- the hooker and Al, "Killin' Time"

I'm all right, I zigged when I should have zagged, that's all.
-- Al, "Killin' Time"

Do you call yourself a religious man?  Probably not.
-- Gooshie to Leon, "Killin' Time"

Can't leave you alone for a minute can I.
-- Al, after rescuing Gooshie, "Killin' Time"

~Sam finds out Stiles escaped.

Sam: So I’m here to keep Stiles from being murdered?

Al: We think so, aaaaa, yeah.

Sam: So we think so? What do you mean ‘we think so’?

Al: We think so. You see, we, we’re kinda busy with another little problem.

Sam *concerned*: What’s going on Al?

Al: *laughs*: I guess there’s no easy way to tell you this, Sam.

Sam *eager*: What!?!

Al: He got away from us.

Sam: He got away from you?

Al: Mmmmmmm…

Sam: What do you mean he got away from you?

Al: Well, I, well…he escaped.

Sam: He escaped?

Al: Mmmmmmm…

Sam: How could this happen? He escaped, what’d…Al? You didn’t open the waiting room door did you?

Al: Aaaaaa…

Sam: Oh, please tell me you didn’t open the waiting room door. *chinches teeth* You did!! Oh, I can’t believe this.

Al: Well, I, I couldn’t help it. He took us by surprise.

Sam: What do you mean? He…

Al *cuts off Sam*: Some how he got a hold of the gun. And he held the gun *points finger at Sam like a gun* straight at me like that!

Sam: Okay.

Al: What could I do? I couldn’t do anything.

Sam: Okay. Okay. Okay. He got out of the waiting room, okay. At least he is still in the complex.

*Al doesn’t look at Sam*

Sam: Right?

Al: Aaaaaa…

Sam: I can’t believe this is happening! Al, you gotta get him back!

~Al: And don’t worry, okay? Don’t worry because I’m gonna leave Gooshie in charge.

Sam: Gooshie?…Well that’s just great.

~Al pulls up behind Stiles’/Gooshie’s car. Al gets out and Gooshie calls out to him.

Gooshie: Admiral!

*Al looks around*

Al: Who said that?

Gooshie: It’s me, Gooshie.

Al: Gooshie? Where are you?

Gooshie: I’m right in front of you, can’t you see me?

Al: If I could see you would I be talking to the sidewalk!?!

Gooshie: I guess Ziggy didn’t do a good job connecting brain waves.

Al: I’ll take that as a compliment.

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