"The Leap Home"
Part I

Don't listen to Sans-a-beak there!
-- Al, "The Leap Home"

Ya got a lot of Boy Scout in you, Sam.
-- Al, "The Leap Home"

Lisa wants to know if you're taking anyone to the Gobbler hop after the game.
Oh boy.
I knew he was shy, but that's ridiculous.
-- One of the cheerleaders and Sam, "The Leap Home"

Sam, you scared 10 years out of me!
-- Thelma Beckett and Sam, "The Leap Home"

You're not old Dad, you look just the way I remember you.
What, since you left for school this morning?
-- Sam and John Beckett, "The Leap Home"

Lisa asked him to the dance after the game on Saturday and you know what Sam did?
He ran away!
-- Katie and Sam, with comments from Al, "The Leap Home"

What would you do if you ran into a girl you had a crush on 25 years ago? ... Don't answer that!
-- Sam to Al, "The Leap Home"

Cheerleaders!  I'll bet Lisa's the one with the cute pompoms.
They don't have ... (glare)
-- Al and Sam, "The Leap Home"

You hear that, whoever you are, where ever you are - I QUIT.
-- Sam, "The Leap Home"

I feel like Dennis Hopper in "Hoosiers".
-- Al, "The Leap Home"

You're the best.
Thanks, but I'm not eligible to play.
-- Sam and Tom, "The Leap Home"

He could give stubborn lessons to a mule.
-- Sam's mother, "The Leap Home"

It's not fair, Al.  I mean, c'mon.  It's not fair.
Well, I think it's damn fair.
I'd give anything to see my father and my sister for a few days.  To be able to talk with them again.  Laugh with them.  Tell them how much I love them.  I'd give anything to have what you have, Sam.  Anything.
-- Sam and Al, "The Leap Home"

Hell no, we won't go.... I gotta admit, it's a catchy slogan.
-- Lt. Tom Beckett, "The Leap Home"

Why can I save strangers and not the people I love?
-- Sam, “The Leap Home”

-- Sam, "The Leap Home, Pts 1 & 2"

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