"Leap of Faith"

Where'd you learn to use your feet like that?
Old Chinese movies?
-- Father Mac and Sam, "Leap of Faith"

I wanted to talk to you but I could wait outside until you finished talking to yourself.
-- Joey, "Leap of Faith"

Just forgive everybody and don't talk too much.
-- Al, "Leap of Faith"

Isn't it a little past your bedtime?
Not if I can't find my bed.
-- Al and Sam, "Leap of Faith"

We all wonder sometimes if we're doing the right thing.  I guess all you can do is just believe that you'll make a difference in the long run.
Do you think you will?
Well, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
-- Sam and Father Mac, "Leap of Faith"

Well, ladies, it was nice meeting you.
Meet us?
We come to Mass every day!
I mean meeting you again. It was nice to meet you both- again.
-- Sam and the Monticelli sisters, "Leap of Faith"

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