"Lee Harvey Oswald"

If you can handle my sex drive, you can handle a few of Lee Harvey Oswald's loose neurons.
-- Al, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

I got some of your libido...
And you still acted like a prude!
-- Sam and Al, referring to the simoleap, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

You don't know your Marx.
After six years in the Hanoi Hilton, I tend to suppress it.
-- Oswald and Al, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

I was going to scratch her eyes out, but I just did my nails.
-- the "geisha" in the bar, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

How do you say "Oh Boy" in Russian?
-- Sam, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

Looks like my libido finally kicked in!
-- Al, when Sam's kissing the bargirl, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

I spent my first tour like that.
-- Al, about the drunken soldier, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

Watch out for the left... <THUD>  er... I meant watch out for the right.
-- Al, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

You're damn right I'm crazy!  I'm crazy enough to blow your brains out your ear if you don't tell me the truth.
-- Al, "Lee Harvey Oswald"

~Sam: You know, I'm not like you, Al. I don't have to sleep with every woman that I meet just because… because she's there! "Lee Harvey Oswald"

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