"A Little Miracle"

Leaping around in time has made me realise that, in some strange way, I'm a servant of a higher power.  But now I found myself a servant of a much different kind.
-- Sam, "A Little Miracle"

Do you have room for one more lost soul?
-- Michael Blake, "A Little Miracle"

I *AM* the ghost of Christmas Future!  ooooooo
-- Al, "A Little Miracle"

We are never going to war with Russia. In fact we're going to be allies... it... could uh, happen... don't you think?
-- Sam, "A Little Miracle"

It's not Christmas where I am, I mean *when* I am, it's the middle of July.
-- Al, "A Little Miracle"

Al, you're a genius.
I am ... I am?
-- Sam and Al, "A Little Miracle"

Ziggy says this one may be a little tricky.
You may have to bathe him.
-- Al and Sam, "A Little Miracle"

What does a man like Blake need saved?
His soul.
-- Sam and Al, "A Little Miracle"

Deck the halls with me and Bibi.
-- Al, following the blonde maid, "A Little Miracle"

You're that jerk from the lobby, I recognize the tacky clothes and the pale complexion.
-- Blake to Al, "A Little Miracle"

I'm a horrible man.
Yes sir.
-- Blake and Sam, "A Little Miracle"

What's with Ebenezer there?
He's ready to tear down the mission with his bear hands, Al; I think I'm making things worse.
--Al and Sam, "A Little Miracle"

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