"Memphis Melody"

I don't eat with barnyard animals.
-- Frank to "Elvis", "Memphis Melody"

Sam, you're turning the King of Rock 'n' Roll into Donnie and Marie!
-- Al, "Memphis Melody"

Al, news-flash, Ziggy has been wrong before.
-- Sam, "Memphis Melody"

Let's have a big hand for little Billy C. all the way from Hope, Arkansas.
-- the announcer at the talent show, about a little sax player, "Memphis Melody"

Away...      Away....     Away down south in Dixie.
Oh, boy...   Oh, boy...
-- Sam and Al, "Memphis Melody"

You've got to reach for the stars, not for the ceiling.
-- Sam, "Memphis Melody"

I wish I WAS in Dixie, not I wish I WERE.
-- Al, "Memphis Melody"

In 1954 the world was not ready for Sonny and Cher.  As a matter of fact, the world was NEVER ready for Sonny and Cher.
-- Al, "Memphis Melody"

Sam, watch out or you're gonna be wearing her lunch!
-- Al, "Memphis Melody"

Everybody should be a dreamer... you've got to reach for the stars, not the ceiling.
-- Sam, "Memphis Melody"

You're gonna reach for the stars, and you're gonna keep right on reaching till you touch them.
-- Sam, "Memphis Melody"

Are you all right, Frank?'! What about the Pelvis?!
--Al, "Memphis Melody"

(consulting the handlink) He's at dinner.
He's at a dinner?
In the middle of the afternoon? He's at a dinner?
He's at a dinner, having diner.
(slaps handlink) Oh, he's at the diner having dinner....make it lunch.
--Al and Sam, "Memphis Melody"

He cancels out on Elvis! Oh! This is awful, Sam!...Ziggy says now, Elvis doesn't even get discovered. And 'Heartbreak Hotel' is recorded by the...Monkees! And 'Jailhouse Rock' is recorded by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Ughh! Gag me with a spoon!
--Al, "Memphis Melody"

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