I'm bleeding to death over here, and you pigs are talking about guns and ammo.
-- Pusher, "M.I.A."

I want you to wait for me Beth...  don't give up on me... 'cause I'm alive out there, and I'm only alive because of our love... and some day- oh Beth, some day I'm gonna come back home to you.
-- Al, "M.I.A."

What am I here to do?
I don't know ... but it looks like my kind of work.
-- Sam and Al, about the contents of Jake's locker, "M.I.A."

Are you trying to tell me you have some kind of moral code for picking up women?
-- Beth and Sam, "M.I.A."

Flying was his first love, the Navy was his second and I guess I was his third, but I knew that when I married him.
-- Beth, "M.I.A."

Oh no, no no no no! Not a woman! Not high heels! Not again!
-- Sam, "M.I.A."

Personally...uh...I think you would look kind of foxy in this little purple number with the white fuzz.  Just my opinion.
-- Al (to Sam), "M.I.A."

Pants . . . thank you!
-- Sam, "M.I.A."

Ziggy says the odds are real good.
How good?
Oh, you know. They're way up there.
--Al and Sam, "M.I.A."

Beth, was the only one I ever really loved, the only one I wanted to grow old with. That's why none of my other marriages worked Sam.
-- Al, "M.I.A."

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