"Mirror Image"



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I was born roughly the same time I cam through that door.
-- Sam, "Mirror Image"

Gooshie, this isn't working, I'm getting dizzy!
-- Al, in the Imaging Chamber, "Mirror Image"

Whatever Sam's drinking, I'll have one!
-- Voice in the bar crowd, in response to Sam describing a leap, "Mirror Image"

Beth never remarried.

She and Al have four daughters
and will celebrate their 39th
wedding anniversary in June.
-- The End, "Mirror Image"

Suppose you were a priest.
I WAS a priest.
So you were.  If the priesthood had been your *chosen* life ...
-- Bartender Al and Sam, "Mirror Image"

Sometimes, that's the way it is.
-- Bartender Al, "Mirror Image"

That too.
-- Ziggy, "Mirror Image"

Hang on.
-- Gooshie and Al, getting a lock in the Imaging Chamber, "Mirror Image"

Stawpah was a leaper!
Stawpah was Ukrainian.
-- Sam and Gooshie, "Mirror Image"

Where would you like to go, Sam?
-- Bartender Al and Sam, "Mirror Image"

God Bless, Sam.
-- Bartender Al, "Mirror Image"

You let too much time go by and you could lose touch with reality.
-- Al the Bartender, "Mirror Image"

I know an Al who says ca-ca.
-- Sam, "Mirror Image"

Sometimes 'that's the way it is' is the best explanation.
-- Al the bartender, "Mirror Image"

...the lives you touched, touched others, and those, others. You've done a lot of good Sam Beckett, and you can do a lot more.
-- Al the bartender, "Mirror Image"

Sam, you will only do this as long as you want to.
-- Al the bartender, "Mirror Image"

Whatever it takes, I'll get you out of this.
-- Al, "Mirror Image"

You're not just a bartender.
That's true--I own the place too.
--Sam and bartender Al, "Mirror Image"

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