"Moments to Live"

Al, I'm in a soap opera!
We prefer 'daytime drama'.
-- Sam and Al, "Moments to Live"

Is that ethical?  It can't be ethical!
No, it's television.
-- Sam and Al, "Moments to Live"

I was just kidnapped, held at gun-point and knocked unconscious, what's there to be mad about?
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

I do not want to marry you, I just want to have a baby with you.
That doesn't strike you as the least bit unusual?
-- Norma and Sam, "Moments to Live"

She's planning dinner, and I've got a feeling that I'm the dessert.
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

We met in church - she was cleanin' it and I was robbin' it.
-- Hank, "Moments to Live"

Suddenly I feel a little sick.
-- Al, following the "nurse" who walked through him, "Moments to Live"

Why do you make this stuff up all the time, why don't you just say Sam, we don't know ...
That wouldn't be any fun.
-- Sam and Al, "Moments to Live"

Do we look like the kind of people who'd ransom someone?
-- Norma Jean, "Moments to Live"

Dream, dream dream dream ...
-- Norma Jean's song, "Moments to Live"

I'm not a doctor, I just play one on television.
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

I've lost my appetite.
Well, don't go whining about being hungry when we're on the road.
-- Sam and Hank, "Moments to Live"

People often mistake me for Sally Field.
I don't see it.
-- Norma Jean and the waitress, "Moments to Live"

I've been in some bad situations but this one is off the map.
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

After three hours on the road, I still didn't have a clue what Norma wanted, but I was sure of one thing - it was more than just an autograph.
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

Norma wants me to help her have a baby.
Why, is she pregnant.
Not yet.
-- Sam and Al, "Moments to Live"

Why don't the two of you get back on your spaceship and go back to whatever planet you came from.
-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

Hank's rules:  Rule #1 No Noise ...
-- Sam reading, "Moments to Live"

Didn't think you big TV stars went to the bathroom.
-- Hank and Sam, "Moments to Live"

I'll take care of the suits.
-- A producer on "Moments to Live"

-- Sam, "Moments to Live"

You're the genius you know, use your head!
-- Al, before Sam goes head first through the window, "Moments to Live"

What are the weaknesses here?
<Hank walks in>
Ask and ye shall receive.
-- Sam and Al, "Moments to Live"

Sam, your good deeds are unending.
-- Al, "Moments to Live"

Ziggy had a new data search component installed and we had to have it shipped in from Hong Kong and I think that gave a little jet-lag to the modem of the floppy disk.
-- Al, "Moments To Live"

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