"Nowhere to Run"

By the way, my wife - Miller's wife - is on her way here.
Julie Miller.
Julie, oh good, I know her first name, she probably knows mine.
I mean, just think of all the things we can talk about now.
Hey, it could be worse.
You could spend your whole life in that thing.
You're right.
-- Sam and Al, "Nowhere to Run"

Say good night Gracie.
Ahhh, that felt good.
-- Sam and Al, as Sam hits the obnoxious orderly, "Nowhere to Run"

I saw him do it, he walked!
Do you want to get the net or should I?
-- the obnoxious orderly and Al, "Nowhere to Run"

Destiny is a funny thing - it seems like the harder you try to stop it, the more determined it is to be fulfilled.
-- Sam, "Nowhere To Run"

This is incredible, I've never seen a lifeline this long, you've got enough here for two people.
Maybe more.
This isn't an accident that you're here, someone needs you.
-- Kiki and Sam, "Nowhere to Run"

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