"Permanent Wave"

Ha! You're drooling!
Of course I'm drooling!  Why are you doing this to me?  I never had my own little set of twins.
Because you deserve it!  You nag me if I don't resist women, and you nag me if I do...
You're doing this to torture me.
Yes!  And it's working!
-- Sam (take that!) and Al, "Permanent Wave"

Could I have your home address, please?
My home address?
-- Detective Ward & Sam, "Permanent Wave"

Al gude leetil boys haf got to gu to sleep.
Oh, boy.
-- Sam (doing a Swedish accent), Kyle, and Al, "Permanent Wave"

Their only desire is for you to pamper them, and play with their--
With their hair!  With their hair!!
-- Al and Sam, "Permanent Wave"

He's into punk.
-- Al (about Sam's hairstyling technique), "Permanent Wave"

Is that part of me still in you or what?
-- Al and Sam, "Permanent Wave"

This is a story about Future Boy's best friend Al.
'Best friend' -- thanks.
-- Sam (to Kyle) and Al, "Permanent Wave"

Are you OK, honey?
Oh I'm fine.  Just check the kid.
-- Laura (to Kyle) and Al, "Permanent Wave"

Leaping around in time, I've been able to change peoples lives for the better, but this time it looked like I leaped in a little late.
-- Sam, "Permanent Wave"

Ooo, I love bedtime stories ...
-- Al, "Permanent Wave"

Do whatever you want Frankie, I know I'm in good hands.
-- Beauty parlor patron to Sam, "Permanent Wave"

Oh great, the VanBerg sisters are here, which one do you want first?
Uh, both.
-- Chloe, Al and Sam, "Permanent Wave"

Hi Frank, I thought you'd never get up the courage to do us both at the same time.
(Oh wow!)
I thought you were doing the boyfriend thing.
(Wow wow!)
Actually, I'm doing the hair thing right now.
The hair thing?  What a waste ...
-- The twins, Al and Sam, "Permanent Wave"

But, let me ask you ladies what is it exactly that you had in mind?
-- Sam to the twins, "Permanent Wave"

So why don't you ladies get out of those clothes, slip into some robes and we'll wash you, we'll rinse you, and I'll think up something really nasty for your hair.
-- Sam to the twins, "Permanent Wave"

Al, I know what you're thinking, do not go in there ...
I'll tell you what - they are TOTALLY alike.
-- Sam and Al, "Permanent Wave"

I was with this girl that works in the car wash, and the water was so ... Sorry.
-- Al, "Permanent Wave"

Don't DO that!
-- Sam, when Al pops in too close on the stairs, "Permanent Wave"

She may be your girlfriend, but she's my connection to 50 percent off Armani suits.
-- Chloe, "Permanent Wave"

And I thought you only gave good hair.
-- Chloe, "Permanent Wave"

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
-- Sam, "Permanent Wave"

~Sam: It just abraded the epidermal layer.
Chloe: WHAT!?!
Sam: It's a flesh wound! "Permanent Wave"

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