"Play it Again, Seymour"

Sometimes when I'm Quantum Leaping I have REALLY good days.  Days when I win the race, stop the bad guy, and kiss the girl and then, there are the bad days ...  {Sam Leaps into an office.  He's holding a gun and there's a dead man at his feet.  The police come in to the office.}
-- Sam, leap in from "Camikazi Kid" to "Play it Again, Seymour"

Just a scratch... Angel.
-- Sam, "Play it Again, Seymour"

I'll try not to get shot here.
--- Sam, "Play it Again, Seymour"

A friend, who knows a guy, who's got a kid, that works for a trainer, who happens to have a sure thing in the fourth race at Santa Anita.  Now don't you feel bad for jumping to conclusions.
-- Al, "Play it Again, Seymour"

I don't know if I could love a man who killed my husband.
-- Allison, "Play it Again, Seymour"

Al, we've got Clapper.
Careful, Sam, there was no cure for that in 1953.
-- Sam and Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

I'm just wondering how in 20 years 'main squeeze' gets from Seymour to Black slang.
-- Al, "Play it Again Seymour"

Can I help it if I look good in black? Besides I hadn't planned on dressing tonight.
-- Allison, "Play it Again, Seymour"

Who's Al?
A friend, a *real good* friend.
Well, let's not get all mushy about it.
-- Seymour, Sam, and Al, "Play it Again, Seymour"

Tina's got a friend ...
-- Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

You've been hit in the head too many times with a sap, Nick.
-- Policeman, on Sam talking to Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

Allison is a killer!
-- Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

Al, so help me, if you start in on one of your sleazy sex stories, hologram or no hologram, I'll slug you.
-- Sam, "Play It Again, Seymour"

Some women have kinky taste in men, thank God.
-- Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

You want to have safe sex with her, you'd better wear a bullet proof vest.
-- Al, "Play It Again, Seymour"

I'm going to check the ladies room.
Somebody's gotta do it.
-- Al and Sam, looking for Allison, "Play It Again, Seymour"

Your instincts got you married FIVE times ...
-- Sam, "Play It Again, Seymour"

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