"A Portrait For Troian"

I'm not into necrophilia!
At last, something sexual he's not into!
-- Al and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

What happened?  Did the storm knock the power out?
No, it was the b**gieman!
-- Sam and Jimmy, "A Portrait for Troian"

I'll tell you what I think, that lake is so cold, Julian needs someone to cuddle.
-- Al, "A Portrait for Troian"

You tell Ziggy that if he doesn't center me on Troian right now, I'm going to pull his sex sensory microchips and feed them to Tina's crocodile!
-- Al, "A Portrait for Troian"

This family has suffered more drownings than unwanted kitty cats.
-- Al, "Portrait for Troian"

A fire would be dangerous.
So would pneumonia.
-- Ms. Stolz and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

Leaping into other people's lives, I feel a lot like Don Quioxte-- a stranger, out of place in time on an impossible quest.  Set to right the unrightable wrong, to fight the unbeatable foe.[and the wild winds of fortune, will carry me onward, oh whither soever they blow.  Withersoever they blow.  Onward to glory I go!] Uh, oh.  If this is glory, something tells me I'm in big trouble.
-- Sam, leap in from "Catch a Falling Star" to "A Portrait for Troian"

This is a fresh one.
It could still have... yucky stuff in it.
-- Al and Sam, "A Portrait for Troian"

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