"Private Dancer"

I'd give anything to be degraded like that!
-- Al, "Private Dancer"

He's so CUTE!  Take my phone number honey.
-- Joanne, "Private Dancer"

She was my lab partner at MIT.  She was one of the brightest women I've ever known.
And she wouldn't sleep with you.
No, why does your swiss cheese memory always remember what I want to forget?
-- Al and Sam, "Private Dancer"

That pratfall looked real!
It felt real.
-- Joanne and Sam, "Private Dancer"

Please, just tell me that it isn't the 70's again!
-- Sam, "Private Dancer"

I know music in a way you will never know. When I look around, I see music everywhere. There's the music in the stars. The way they sparkle, I feel them.  There's music in the lights as they dance in the water at night.  And how the leaves shake each other, laughing like children at play.  When I feel the wind on my face, the wind is my music.
-- Diana, "Private Dancer"

I'm crazy?  You're the one living in a tow-away zone.
-- Sam, "Private Dancer"

You strip.
There's a difference.
I don't see it.
Neither do I, but...
-- Diana and Sam, "Private Dancer"

OK Ladies, let's hear it for that star of the Chippendales - Rod the Bod!
-- Mario, as Sam leaps in, "Private Dancer"

Shake your booty!
-- Al, "Private Dancer"

Don't bother.  I've been on my own since I was 7.  I can do it myself.  I want to do it on my own.
-- Diana, signed to Sam, "Private Dancer"

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