"Rebel Without a Clue"

Don't tell me you were a biker, too.
My first car was a bike, I had a '48 Harley Knucklehead.
Named after you?
I'll pretend you didn't say that.
-- Sam and Al, "Rebel Without a Clue"

Is there anything you haven't done, Al?
Well there's one thing that's impossible to do on a bike.
-- Sam and Al, "Rebel Without a Clue"

Have you ever lost anybody?
Yeah, but I got him back.
-- Ernie Tyler and Sam, "Rebel Without a Clue"

Free love, I can see why he was *your* hero.
-- Sam to Al, "Rebel Without a Clue"

On the wheel of life we all go around we are many people at many times.
-- Jack Kerouac, "Rebel Without a Clue"

This was my first leap back as a dirtball.
-- Sam, "Rebel Without a Clue"

You never know what's around the next corner.
Probably a head-on with a semi.
-- Al and Sam, "Rebel Without a Clue"

I gotta sit down and slip into a coma.
-- Sam, "Rebel Without a Clue"

The fifties were conformist, materialistic, repressive, boring and stupid.
-- Al, "Rebel Without a Clue"

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