She's gonna have a big future as a mud wrestler, and she's only 14 and a half.
-- Al, "Runaway"

You look even prettier than I remember.
That is the oldest line in the manual.
-- Bill to Emma, and Al, "Runaway"

I've seen this scenario before ... and I don't like it.  Please don't let it happen to Emma and her family.
-- Al, "Runaway"

Daddy, maybe we can take a before picture ... so we can remember what he looks like.
-- Alex, before throwing her "little brother" to the monkeys, "Runaway"

I'm old enough to be my own father.
That's a first.
-- Sam and Al, "Runaway"

Butchie, think fast!
-- Hank, "Runaway"

Sam ... toss it out ... go ahead.  OK, good, and now don't ever do it again.  That's just a special case this time.
-- Al on littering, "Runaway"

I'm a kid ... nobody listens to me.
-- Sam, "Runaway"

She called me 'monkey boy'!
-- Sam, "Runaway"

I'm here to stop the big sister from noogie-ing him to death?
-- Sam, "Runaway"

The good news was that Emma was still with her family.  The bad news ... So was I.
-- Sam, "Runaway"

I'm sorry, but I don't have an orgasm waxing the damn kitchen floor!
-- Emma, "Runaway"

Maybe sometimes you can't fight fate.
-- Sam, "Runaway"

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