"Running for Honor"

Why does Ziggy always come up with the useless information first? I mean, just once, wouldn't it be nice? I mean I really wish she would come up with something that I needed right now and have it waiting for me.
-- Sam, "Running for Honor"

Get out, and don't come back until you've joined the 20th century.  Go on...!
-- Sam, to Al, "Running for Honor"

I...well...I was wrong...I was wrong.
-- Al, "Running for Honor"

I'm running track, Al.
Oh, well look you pump your arms and you pump your legs and drive through the tape.
You were a runner too?
No, but it sounds good doesn't it?
-- Sam and Al, "Running for Honor"

A moment like this calls for only one thing.
Wet Down!
-- the cadets, before dunking Sam, "Running for Honor"

Reminds me of my days at the Academy.  There was no freedom, no sleep, no *women*, it was terrible.
-- Al, "Running for Honor"

Is this a private club, people, or can any idiot join?
-- Coach, "Running for Honor"

I don't care if it's raining, I'm a hologram, you nutcase!
-- Al to Gooshie, "Running for Honor"

Does it matter?
-- Sam, "Running for Honor"

Don't tell me you were valedictorian too?
No, I was in charge of tapping the kegs after graduation.
-- Sam and Al, "Running for Honor"

It's never too soon to start early.
-- Sam, "Running for Honor"

Tea? Not coffee?
I'm making some tea. Tea. T-E-A tea. Tea, tea, tea. I don't like coffee, I like tea....Does drinking tea make me any less of a man than somebody who drinks coffee? I mean, is every tea-drinker in the entire history of the world gay to you? Is that it? What about the Boston Tea Party? Was that like some kind of a gay boat festival or something?
--Al and Sam, "Running For Honor"

~Sam: Why am I here?
Al: Ziggy doesn’t know that yet.
Sam: Why does Ziggy come up with the useless information first?
Al: Useless?
Sam: I mean, just once, wouldn’t it be nice. I really wish you’d show up with something good. Something that I need right now and have it waiting for me.
Al: Well if wishes were broken hearts then everyone would have them. "Running for Honor"

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