"Sea Bride"

I was talking to myself, it's kind of a bad habit I can't get rid of.
-- Sam, glaring at Al, "Sea Bride"

Fish food! Vinnie wants to turn me into fish food!
-- Sam, "Sea Bride"

That little waltz may have just cost you your life ...
-- Vinnie and Sam, "Sea Bride"

Wow, six kids, you guys are gonna be busy bunnies.
-- Al, to Catherine and Philip, "Sea Bride"

It's bad luck to kill someone before your wedding.
Not in Brooklyn.
-- Sam and Tony (the "best man"), "Sea Bride"

Unbutton her dress Sam...slowly...oooh I wish I could help!
-- Al, "Sea Bride"

How come you always get the easy stuff.
Just lucky I guess.
-- Sam and Al, "Sea Bride"

Are they gone?
Other than the smell- yes.
-- Catherine and Jennifer, "Sea Bride"

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