"So Help Me God"

You're here to play Rhett Butler ...
Tell Ziggy to shove that!
-- Al and Sam, "So Help Me God"

Thank you, Perry Mason.
-- Sam, "So Help Me God"

That's being the case your honor, since the law requires a trial by a jury of one's peers, we have no choice but to reluctantly accept these white jurors as Lyla's equals.
-- Sam, "So Help Me God"

I'll let you play Rhett Butler ...
-- Sugar (to Sam), "So Help Me God"

Chivalry is not dead, just waiting in the wings.
-- Delilah, "So Help Me God"

Leaping about in time, I've found that there are some things in life that I can't change, and there are some things that I can.  To save a life, to change a heart, to make the right choice.  I guess that's what life's about.  Making the right choice at the right time.
-- Sam, leap in from "Jimmy" to "So Help me God"

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