"Temptation Eyes"

Tamlyn - Who are you?
Al - No, Sam, no, uh-un, you can't tell her.
Sam - I'm tired of pretending.
Tamlyn - Then tell me.
Al - If you do, you may not leap!
Sam - Well, maybe I don't want to.
Tamlyn - Why not?
Al - What are you saying Sam?
Tamlyn - You're Sam.
Al - No.
Sam - Yes.
Al - Sam, you know the rules.
Tamlyn - I called you by your name last night.
Al - You can still get out of this!
Tamlyn - How?
Al - Lie!
Sam - I just knew.
Al - Works for me.
-- "Temptation Eyes"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you're comfortable here.
-- Al, "Temptation Eyes"

Excuse me, do you like orange spice, Sam?
-- Tamlyn, "Temptation Eyes"

There's a strange energy in the room.
-- Tamlyn, looking straight at Al, "Temptation Eyes"

Sam, I'm not gonna stick around here and watch you two do ... whatever you're gonna do.
-- Al, "Temptation Eyes"

~Al: Boxer shorts? You're wearing boxer shorts in bed? Ah, it's with hearts on 'em and little bearsies, isn't that cute?
Sam: They were a gift, okay? "Temptation Eyes"

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