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May 13, 2013



Finally.......The Rod has come BACK to Als Place.

One Last RodVision?

Where did the time go?

Last The Rod checked, it was 2005, now all of a sudden its 2013.....some believe that according to the mayans, the end was nigh, nbiri was coming to decimate the planet....yeah, how did that work out again??

So lets have a quick recap of just some of what The Great One has missed out on. No QL movie, or tv series. Deborah Pratt releasing some new age nonsense, bundling it with a QL novel, to aid sales (Nothing cynical there).

Bond has returned, The Dead are walking on TV, Star Trek has been rebooted, Batman has ended (The Rod remembers seeing Batman Begins, were the rest good?), a big screen outing for The A Team, Knight Rider was rebooted and cancelled, Thundercats was rebooted, Transformers cartoons have had not 1, but 2 reboots on the tv as well as 3.....THREE live action blockbuster movies.....and oh yes, The Great Ones personal favorite genre, the reality show, is absolutely everywhere! (Why else has He come back.).

Social networking is prevalent, idiots feel free to vent their stupid rumblings on twitter, Facebook is the new forum to converse, are you guys on this?

All of a sudden The Rod feels depressed.....

So how many of the original Hot Rodders and Hot Rodettes (ESPECIALLY the rodettes!) are still here? How many who migrated from the idiot boards over at sci fi have remained at Als Place? Losing The Rod must have been hard, so those who left are forgiven..... :-)

So where has The Rod been? Truth be told, He doesn't know. The past few years are foggy at best. Very bizarre. :-(

Rod Out......He's The Hot Rod Baby.....

Should you wish to email The Rod about this article or ANY QL related matter, or even if you Rodettes out there just want to send Him fan mail/pictures. You can do so by contacting Him at:

Keep Leaping Sam, maybe one day YOU can be The Rod.

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