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Brigadier General
Jim McKay
Liaison to NASA

United States Air Force


May Contain Spoilers








  • Jim McKay's Age Information

    1984: age 50
    1985: age 51
    1986: age 52
    1987: age 53
    1988: age 54
    1989: age 55
    1990: age 56


  • Vital Statistics

    -Born May 29th, 1934.

    -Jim was present and active in the founding of NASA in 1958 and worked under the leadership of  T. Keith Glennan.

    -He helped bridge ties between the military and the civilian based NASA from 1958 to the present.

    -McKay performed extensive research on the alleged UFO landing in France, 1981 and concluded that there was indeed a probe of unknown origin that landed on earth at that time.

    -Nearing his retirement years, Jim accepted this position as the Starbright Project liaison to NASA believing it would give him one last chance to change the world.

    -Jim is married with three children and four grandchildren.

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