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What's Happened Thus
Far In Our Story...


Contains Mild Spoilers!

If you do not wish to spoil the stories published thus far, then read no further!


In late January, Sam Beckett has arrived at the Starbright Project and met the members of his team - all except Donna. He meets a drunken Al beating a vending machine with a hammer, but realizes that this man is good underneath. Sam discovers that the energy ball that controls SID also has regenerating powers that speed the process of healing. When Adams tells Al that he is fired, Sam comes to the rescue and tells the CIA agent that if Al is no longer on the project, then he would take his quantum reactor design somewhere else. In exchange, Sam agrees to help Al solve his drinking problem. Al's career was saved and an alliance between him and Sam began.

Sam, as instructed by Donna's stepfather, Colonel Bradley Radford, escorts Donna to the dinner after the meeting at Washington Convention Center. Sam talks Donna out of her resignation thus preventing her leaving the project.

The blue orb controlling SID takes on new properties. It has begun to grow and think on it's own and can communicate with Sam through brainwaves.



Moving forward two years in our timeline to New Years Eve 1985, Sam, Donna, Al, Tina, Bobby, and Dana all take a trip together to New York City.  Dana wakes up from a nightmare about having died, which have been occurring since 1973 when she was supposed to die in the "original" history. Sam proposes to Donna at midnight and she accepts.



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