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Guidelines &



1.  New, original pre-Quantum Leap stories only.  The story must have never been previously posted on the internet, and must stay exclusive to this site for twelve months following it's publication.

2. Microsoft Word only! If you have an older version of Word (before 1997), Wordperfect, or any other kind of word processing program, please attach to an email as a TEXT document. Please DO NOT format your paragraph width.

3.  Length of stories will be left up to the author. However, if the story is more than 20 pages, you may be asked to submit it in more than one part.

4.   Complete stories must have 'tags' attached. A blank tag form and explanation on filling it out is here.

5.  Spelling and status of characters can be found on the Character pages. Keep in mind during what year you are writing. (For example: from 1984 to 1987 Al Calavicci held the rank of Captain. But from 1988 to 1990 he held the rank of Rear Admiral.) A comparitive listing of U.S. Militry rankings can be found here.

6.  Please check the History, Reference, FAQ, and Character pages for past storylines to avoid repeating themes. Since you may write your story during any of the seven years available in our timeline, make sure that your story plot does not happen out of sequence. (For example: Donna leaves Sam at the altar in 1986, so a story set in 1987 can not have the two of them still dating.)

7. If you are unsure of where your story idea should go or how to start, contact the editors for help!

8. You must submit the basic idea for your story to the editors before you start writing to ensure someone else has not already started with the same idea, please.

9. Sue Johnson has set up a Writer's Aproval site, where you can go and post your works in progress in private areas that only you and invited guests can read. It's a great way of keeping a backup of your work if your system is prone to crashing! When you are ready, you can invite relevant people (the editors or anyone else) to review your work. This forum can be found at: http://com3.akheva.com/bquantumleapwritersapprovalforum



New permanent characters (in the Starbright Project saga) may be added only with the consent of the editors.

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