"8-1/2 Months"

Thanks to Aaron Marsh for helping out with this one and "Runaway."


[Very beginning of the first act. Sam is looking at himself as Billy Jean in the delivery-room mirror.]

-- begin cut -->

Sam: No. No.

<-- end cut ---

Nurse: Now just relax, honey.

Doctor: Now hang in there, little lady. It was just a contraction.


In the network version of the shot in which Dotty and Sam drive up to the beauty salon after coming back from the false alarm at the hospital, there's a dog barking in the distance and about 2.3 seconds more of the car pulling up.


After Keeter's line, "Hey, if I was you, I'd drop that kid and I'd get rid of it before you cause any more trouble," Dotty's reaction shot is .2 second longer in the syndicated version.


[Dotty suggests that Sam go and put his feet up, and Al follows him into the parlor. After some discussion, Sam throws up.]

Al: Yeah, well, you're not pregnant either, because when you're pregnant, the, the, the nausea and the pukies and the fatigue come in the first three months and Billy Jean is at full term.

-- begin cut -->

Al: Anyway, you can't be tired, because you gotta figure out some way for, for the girl to keep her baby.

<-- end cut ---

Sam: I'm just going to rest here a little bit, Al, and then I'll get up and I'll figure out how to patch up her and her family.


At the very beginning of the second act in the network version, there are about 2.0 seconds more of the car driving up to Bob's business before Sam says, "I'd spent a sleepless night drinking water and making nine hundred trips to the bathroom, the whole time wondering what to say to a man I'd never met about his daughter and her unborn child," in voiceover.


[Right at the beginning of the third act. Both versions run their opening lines over the establishing exterior shot of the house.]

-- begin cut -->

Al: Sam, that is disgusting.

Effy: How can you eat that?

Sam: Actually, it's, it's pretty good.

<-- end cut ---

Effy: I know folks get [unintelligible] funny stuff when they're having babies, but ...

-- begin cut -->

Al: Jello and onions?

<-- end cut ---

Effy: ... I mean, don't you kind of wonder what you're hatching down there?


[Sam and Al in the kitchen after Effy has left.]

Sam: I felt Billy Jean's baby kick inside of me, right there. [Points]

-- begin cut -->

Al: Gas.

Sam: What?

<-- end cut ---

Al: You probably feel gas from eating this junk.


[Dotty has just changed the flat tire on her car.]

Dotty: [To Sam] OK, just get in, take it easy.

-- begin cut -->

Dotty: [Helps Sam get in the car.] All right.

[Sam groans.]

Dotty: Hoo. [Goes around, opens the driver's door, and catches sight of the open trunk.] Ohh. [Closes door, goes back, throws the umbrella in the open trunk, and closes the trunk. Gets in the car.]

Sam: Ohhh-ohh.

Dotty: How you doing?

Sam: Well, I've been better.

Dotty: [Backs the car over the beauty salon sign in the front yard.] Ohhhh.

Sam: Why don't you let me drive? [Reaches for the steering wheel, then falls back moaning.]

Dotty: Because you're busy.

[The car pulls away in the pouring rain.]

<-- end cut ---

Effy: [Bangs on Bob's office door.] Come on, Mr. Crockett, be here.


The network closing credits consist of clips from the episode, which run for a few seconds and are then freeze-framed with credits. The syndicated closing credits eliminate all the moving footage and just use the freeze-frames with the credits. The network credits run over a country-western instrumental tune. The syndicated credits run over the standard shortened version of the "Quantum Leap" theme.


Sam being wheeled through the hospital for the first time.

Leola getting mad at Sam over her purple hair.

Sam dumping chopped onions into his Jello, much to the disgust of Al and Effy. (Partial outtake.)

Sam and Al walking down the road.

Dotty and Effy looking up from changing the tire to discover Sam straggling back home.

Sam being wheeled into the delivery room for the second time.

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