Syndi-cuts, as transcribed by Micky DuPree, as appeared on rec.arts.scifi.tv.quantum-leap


[First-season saga cell narration]

Sam: [V.O.] It all started when a time travel experiment I was conducting went a little ca-ca. In the blink of a cosmic clock I went from quantum physicist to Air Force test pilot, which could have been fun if I knew how to fly. Fortunately, I had help: an observer from the project named Al. Unfortunately, Al's a hologram, so all he can lend is moral support. Anyway, here I am, bouncing around in time, putting things right that once went wrong, a sort of time-traveling Lone Ranger with Al as my Tonto, and I don't even need a mask. Oh, boy.

[Visuals for first-season saga cell]

Al's car riding down a desert road. ("Genesis," pt.1)

Sam in the quantum leap accelerator about to leap for the first time.

("Genesis," pt.1)

Closeup of Sam in the accelerator. ("Genesis," pt.1)

Blue energy radiating out from the New Mexico horizon during Sam's first leap. (syndicut from the original pilot movie)

Sam in helmet being pushed down by a hand into the X-2. (syndicut from the original pilot movie)

X-2 canopy being sealed over Sam. ("Genesis," pt.2)

X-2 detaching from B-50. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam in the X-2 with Al alongside. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Al passing through the nose of the X-2. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Al gesturing to Sam about leaving for Vegas as soon as he's leaped.

("Genesis," pt.2)

Tail view of X-2 thrusters firing. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam experiencing G-force in the cockpit of the X-2. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Aerial shot racing above clouds. (syndicut from the original pilot movie)

Sam kissing Peg Stratton on the forehead. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam on a rearing horse. (outtake from "How the Tess Was Won")

Medium one-shot of Al miming "on the nose" as if playing charades.

(outtake from "Star-Crossed")

Sam seeing himself as baseball player Tim Fox in the mirror.

("Genesis," pt.2)


[First-season title sequence]


Begin animated shooting stars. Flash "1959", "1972", "1963", "1950", "1967", "1977", "1964", "1960".

Still of people playing with hula hoops.

* Still of unidentified people, two men and one woman.

Still of Richard M. Nixon.

Still of the Smothers Brothers.

Still of the hemline of a miniskirt.

Still of Jacqueline Kennedy.

* Still of the front of a '50s(?) car. (Make, model, and year, anyone?)

Still of placards saying, "ERA YES!" "ERA the American Way".

Flash "1965", "1958", "1961", "1954", "1970", "1966", "1952", "1979".

* Still of booster rocket section separating?

Still of two G.I.s, one using a walkie-talkie.

Still of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Still of pranksters stuffing themselves into a telephone booth.

* Still of young couple kissing. (Woodstock?)

* Still of a crowd of people sitting. (Also Woodstock?)

Still of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Still of astronaut on moon saluting American flag. End shooting stars.

Aerial shot racing above clouds. (syndicut from the original pilot movie)

Homing in on Tom Stratton's house. (outtake from "Genesis," pt.1)

Sam lying on the floor in pink shirt and boxers. ("Double Identity")

Al in a tuxedo while in the waist section of the B-50. (outtake from "Genesis," pt.1)

Al moving through Sam in the X-2. ("Genesis," pt.2)

"QUANTUM LEAP". Begin animated shooting stars again.


Sam in a flight suit in front of the B-50 and the X-2. (outtake from "Genesis," pt.2) End shooting stars again.

Closeup of Sam solving equations at a blackboard. (outtake from "Star-Crossed")

Sam in round glasses, peering over a briefcase. (outtake from "Star-Crossed")

Sam in a suit, just after putting his hat on. ("Double Identity")

"starring SCOTT BAKULA".

Wipe "QUANTUM". Begin animated shooting stars again.

Al in silver jacket in locker room. (outtake from "Genesis," pt.2)


shooting stars again.

Al blowing air on himself and winking at Sam. ("Double Identity")

Sam in fishing gear plunging his hand through Al. ("Genesis," pt.1)

Al being dragged out of the imaging chamber. ("Star-Crossed")

Al tracing a pentagon in the air with his index fingers. (partial outtake from "Star-Crossed") "and DEAN STOCKWELL".

Short sequence of animated shooting stars.

The X-2 coming towards the camera. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Aerial shot through two strata of clouds. (syndicut from the original pilot movie)

Al alongside Sam in the X-2. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Firing two rocket thrusters in the X-2. (outtake from "Genesis")

Sam grimacing in the X-2. (outtake from "Genesis," pt.2)

Mach Number indicator falling to Mach 2.8. ("Genesis," pt.1)

X-2 spinning out of control. ("Genesis," pt.1)

Short sequence of animated shooting stars.

Sam batting left-handed. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam's feet rounding second base. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam running bases. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Al acting as base coach. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Sam sliding into home plate. ("Genesis," pt.2)

Begin animated shooting stars again. Flash "1978", "1955", "1969", "1973", "1968", "1953", "1957", "1965".

* Still of a bunch of people (Vietnamese refugees?).

Still of people holding up the two-fingered peace sign.

Still of Jimi Hendrix.

Still of G.I. in battle fatigues.

Still of the front of a psychedelic microbus.

Still of striped bell-bottom trousers.

Still of John F. Kennedy.

Still of protesters with placards: "End the War in Vietnam Now".

Sam seeing himself as Tom Stratton in the mirror while shaving.

("Genesis," pt.1) End shooting stars again.

Sam recoiling from the mirror after seeing himself as Tom Stratton.

("Genesis," pt.1)

Sam pretending to draw a gun. (partial outtake from "Double Identity")

Sam seeing himself as hit man Frankie Lapalma in the mirror pretending to draw a gun. ("Double Identity")

Al coaching while Sam lands some punches on his opponent in a boxing match. ("The Right Hand of God")

Sam jubilant in a boxing ring. ("The Right Hand of God")

Begin animated shooting stars again. Flash "1976", "1960", "1956", "1974", "1968", "1950", "1961".

* Still of police rousting protesters?

Still of Gerald R. Ford.

Still of Wally and Beaver Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver".

Still of Robert F. Kennedy.

Still of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Still of kids playing with hula hoops.

* Still of young Naval(?) officer in uniform? (Is this Bellisario?)

End shooting stars again.

Jamie Lee throwing herself at a sitting Sam. ("Star-Crossed")

Sam being knocked down into a hallway. ("Star-Crossed")

Sam kissing Teresa Pacci. ("Double Identity")

Leap-in "QUANTUM LEAP". "created by DONALD P. BELLISARIO".

The first-season theme is introduced with a reverberating fading electric-guitar chord.

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