"The Leap Home, Part II: Vietnam"

[In the leap-in]

Sam: Tom!

[SEALs start to open fire - camera pans back and forth]

[wider shot from above of circle of SEALs]

[explosion near tree]

[explosion on ground]

[branch falling]

[two SEALs firing]

[tree exploding]

-- begin cut -->

[log on ground shot up]

[wide shot from about eye level of squad shooting]

[another tree explodes]

<-- end cut ---

[muzzles of guns firing]

-- begin cut -->

[2 scenes of branches being shot]

[scene of tree falling amongst smoke]

<-- end cut ---

[2 more scenes of branches being shot]

[two SEALs firing]

[wide shot from above of circle of SEALs as they stop shooting]

[Sam starts to pop his head up above the surface of the water]


Third season opening title sequence replaced by fourth season one.


About one second is snipped from the beginning of the first act, right after the first commercial as two soldiers walk towards a helicopter.


[Sam is about to leave to set up sleeping arrangements for the reporter when the Colonel mentions a chu hoy (sp?)]

Sam: Chu hoy?

Al: A chu hoy's a V.C. guerilla that joined our side. Personally, I never trust them...

Colonel Grimwall: Yes. Send her in, please.

Al: ...unless they're cute.

-- begin cut -->

Sam: Her?

Colonel: Do you repeat everything?

Sam: Do I repeat everyth-

Tom: Magic? Your ears still ringing from that firefight?

Sam: [Pause] Yes. Yes, a little.

Tom: Have Doc check 'em out.

Sam: Okay. [Turns to leave]

Al: Aye, aye, sir!

<-- end cut ---

Sam: Aye, aye. Aye, sir.

[Sam leaves]


[Sam is waiting at the minigun for sappers with Al]

Al: They should hit any second.

Sam: That's what you said two minutes ago.

-- begin cut -->

[Al looks at Sam and then away]

[panning shot of river]

[shot of soldier with gun waiting nervously]

[Tom walks up to Colonel inside (who is looking through scope)]

<-- end cut ---

[shot through scope of outside scene]

Colonel: I'm telling you. There's nothing out there.


End credits originally showed scenes from the episode, then froze, then a set of credits was put up. Syndicut version just shows the freeze frames with the credits. Title music has been shortened to fit over credits accordingly. Scenes originally in the closing credits:

Blaster waterskiing

SEAL squad leaving chopper

Sam trying to assemble gun

Sam and Al talking outside the base

Sam at the bar talking and taking a drink

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