"Leaping In Without A Net"

The Journey to Denver - "Leaping Without a Net"

Long distance shot of the two cabs plus caravans driving along a winding road with the " Tequila" song in the background. Close up of Sam then the camera zooms out so that you can see Al from waist up through the roof of the cab jiggling to the music.
Al: I like this song.
Sam sees Al and does a double take.
Al: I first heard it in Pensicola when I was a cadet. Me and Dave Healy we knew these girls who were animals.
Shot of vans going round a bend in the road with Al obviously leaning on the cab roof.
Sam: Al.
Al: What?
Sam: Would you pretend, just pretend to sit next to me?
Al looks puzzled and does a slow sink down with handlink.
Al: If it will make you feel any better.
Sam: It does! Where have you been?
Al: I was riding in the other truck with Eva and Lazlo they did not care where I was.
Sam: They couldn’t see you.
Al: I was watching him drive, he’s got something wrong with his right arm.
Sam: Torn rotator cuff.
Al: You suppose that’s why he drops her tonight?
Sam: No doubt. You know I don’t know how he’s been managing even the simple catches, he must be relying on his good arm.
Al: What are you going to do?
Sam: What do you mean " what an I going to do". I can’t catch her.
Al: Yes, you can.
Sam: I can not, you saw me this morning, you saw me I dropped her-
Al: You missed her this morning because you made one mistake.
Sam: Yeah, climbing up there.
Al: No, you reached. You can’t reach, you have gotta wait for her to come to you and then you grab her. If you had done that you would have caught her just like on the double.
Sam: You really think so?!
Al: Of course! Am I ever wrong? Marriages don’t count!

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