The back to front Panty Girdle - "MIA"

Sam walks into the changing room (still dressed as a hooker and in great pain from the high heels) Al is standing next to his locker and all of the other police guys are whistling at him.
Al: It's the heels Sam. Saaaaam, you look cute in those 3 inch heels!
Scaggs: hey listen, Lisa wants to meetcha
Sam: Lisa?
Al: It's his wife.
Sam: Oh yeah, your, argh your wife, yeah.
Scaggs: Hey, never forget the name of your partners wife, it’s not respectable.
Sam: No, I just, uh, have trouble sometimes remembering names.
(Sam walks off and whispers to Al) yeah, like my own, where’s my locker?
Al: here it is
Sam: I’m pencilled in!
Al: Well, you’re the new boy here Sam, you just made detective and that’s your partner, sergeant Roger Scaggs, he’s a heck of an undercover detective, as a matter of fact his arrest rate is the highest in San Diego.
Sam: What am I here to do?
(Sam opens his locker and finds lots of kinky lanungerie)
Al: I don’t know but it looks like my kind of work! It’s a hazing Sam, like in a fraternity.
(everyone crowds round and claps)
Sam: I know what it is Al!
(Sam brings out of his locker a black lacy thing and examines it publicly) Tina will love this.
Al: I’m sure she would!
(now he brings out a red g-string)
Sam: Now I think this will fit Laurie. Michelle?
(all of the guys are hooting in the background) and I can’t wait to see Elsa in this (brings out one of those kinky body things) unless of course you think that it might look better on Lisa! (throws it at Scaggs and everyone laughs)
Scaggs: Oi, that’s not funny, shut up all of you! (everyone goes back to work) you’re all right partner!
Al: Elsa? I don’t remember any Elsa?
(Sam still digging through locker)
Sam: Pants!! Thank you (hugs his jeans)
Al: Well personally I think that you would look kinda foxy in this purple number with the white fuzz! Just my opinion.
Sam: (Through gritted teeth) why am I here?
Al: Your name is Jake Rawlins, this is interesting Sam, Jake is usually short for Jacob, but you’re just plain Jake! (evil look from Sam) never mind! You graduated from UCLA in 65 with a BA in criminal... (slaps handlink, which makes a noise--Sam is getting undressed) ...Justice. Then you enrolled in the San Diego police department a month later. Well, you were second in your class there and since you joined the force you’ve had two commendations! The first of which was, uh, you saved the life of a wounded fellow officer; you shielded him with (Sam looks puzzled by the black bra he is wearing) just twist that around your body if you wanna get it off.
Sam: (Turning round) what?
Al: Your brazier. Just twist the catch around to the front so you can undo it. (Sam pulls the arm straps off and two padding things come out) Uh, you shielded him with your body in a shoot-out in an attempted armed car robbery.
Sam: Well, Jake did.
Al: Well, you’re him now, sort of.
Sam: What did Jake do wrong that I’m here to put right?
Al: You mean besides putting your panty girdle on backwards?
Sam: Looks OK.
Al: trust me Sam, it’s on backwards--
Sam: -no, I don’t wanna-
Al: -trust me, it’s backwards-
Sam: -I didn’t put in on anyway-
Al: -it’s back-
Sam: -Al, don’t-
Al: -It's back-wards! It’s on backwards.
Sam: Okay. Just what am I doing in San Diego?
Al: It's 69. April 1st 196- hey, it’s April fools day!
Sam: Oh that’s all I need, a leap that’s one big April fools day joke.

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